Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: The Puerto Rico Pearl

Puerto Rico Pearl
The Puerto Rico Pearl (Ainsley Walker #4)
by J.A. Jernay
My rating:         Mystery
Source: Publisher (direct)

Ainsley Walker has only recently begun to consider herself a gemstone detective - the words still feel strange on her tongue when she gives her job description. But when her flight is diverted to Puerto Rico, the mystery of a missing pearl brooch just drops into her lap. With nothing else to do while they wait out the hurricane, Ainsley agrees to investigate, hoping to claim the £3000 reward offered by a local museum.

I loved the Puerto Rican setting, which Jernay describes with familiarity and an obvious affection, even as Ainsley is exasperated by the islanders' relaxed approach to life. Ainsley herself is a doggedly persistent investigator, following up every lead with a quiet determination. She's quite prepared to risk her own safety in her quest for the truth, and doesn't always stop to consider the possible risks, leading her into some 'interesting' situations along the way.

This was a gripping adventure with an interesting mystery at its core, which kept me entertained throughout. I haven't yet read the earlier books in this series, but I'll certainly look them up.

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