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Rivers of London Series by Ben Aaronovitch

The Rivers of London Series Series
by Ben Aaronovitch

1. Rivers of London • 2. Moon Over Soho
3. Whispers Underground • 4. Broken Homes

Rivers of London
Rivers of London (Rivers of London #1)
by Ben Aaronovitch
My rating:         Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Rivers of London (published as Midnight Riot in the US) is the first in a series of supernatural police novels featuring Peter Grant, a newly-qualified police officer who finds himself chatting to a ghost one evening. Since he was about to be assigned to a boring role in data entry, his subsequent adoption by the Met's super-secret supernatural unit (presently consisting of one detective, the mysterious Nightingale) is definitely the best news he's heard in a while - and never mind that it leaves him slightly in doubt about his own sanity.

The mudane details of police work contrast wonderfully with the ghosts, gods, and vampires which haunt Peter's new career path. The supporting characters are entertaining, and the plot speeds along at a good pace which easily held my interest. A great start which introduces a fascinating world - I'll certainly be interested in reading the sequels.

Moon Over Soho
Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London #2)
My rating:         Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Peter Grant is still in the early days of his apprenticeship, but since Nightingale is injured, he finds himself facing a number of dangers alone in this instalment of the Rivers of London series. A number of familiar faces return from the first book, including various rivers in supporting roles, but there's a new case to be investigated - or possibly two - as musicians start dropping dead and men turn up with their penises bitten off. A great continuation, and the ending really sets things up for the next in the series.

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