Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Driving Over Lemons

Driving Over Lemons
Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart
My rating:         Nonfiction / Travel
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Driving Over Lemons begins with the somewhat impulsive purchase of a neglected farm in Andalusia. (For the sake of the author's long-suffering wife, I do hope the impulsiveness of this decision was exaggerated for comic effect.)

What follows is a charming glimpse into Andalusian life, as well as a genuinely entertaining story of one man's quest to... well, it's never entirely clear what Stewart's motivation is, except to forge a new life in the Spanish countryside. And that's part of the book's appeal, just following along as the narrative muddles along in a rather disorganised way from one chapter to the next, much as it appears the author and his family made up their new lives day-by-day. You wouldn't necessarily want to live it, but reading about it is great fun.

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